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The IQ750EHSA Caller ID Handsfree EHS-Capable Headset Business Telephone

EHS Function

Offering an improved integration for wireless headset users, the built-in Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) measn that you can answer or terminate a call from the headset's "Call" button.  Designed to be compatible with most previous and all current Plantronics professional wireless headset models*, the EHS feature eliminates the need for the mechanical handset lifter.  The Plantronics On Line Indicator light ("OLI") is also supported via a dedicated port on the telephone.

Headset Support Features

  •     Electronic hook switch (eliminates the need for the mechanical handset lifter) using a special cable
  •     Supports Poly On Line Indicator (OLI) using a connection port
  •     Privacy features prevent the handset from listening in to the headset call
  •     Headset cable polarity switch suits any headset cord
  •     Headset mic adjustment allows any headset mic type
  •     “Silent ringing” mode selectable so that incoming calls ring only in the headset to reduce office noise
  •     Built-in headset amplifier suits a wide range of headset types
  •     Can be used with other brands of wireless headset and also corded models of many brands

General Features

  •     Headset support suits many headset models from many different vendors
  •     120 name and number memories, 20 of which appear on shortcut keys
  •     Caller ID display with on-screen message waiting (suits some systems)
  •     On line indicator support
  •     Ten (10) year parts and labour warranty
  •     Supports caller ID call waiting (CIDCW)
  •     80 name and number incoming caller list
  •     Hearing aid compatible
  •     Volume control for headset and handset earpiece
  •     Pre-programmable memories to store network feature codes
  •     Acoustic shock protection for handset and headset
  •     Wall Mountable - see IQWK3 (link)
  •     Suits Business and SOHO applications

Preprogrammable Memory Buttons

The top row of memory buttons can be pre-programmed and labelled to offer simplified access to system functions such as "call hold", "call transfer" and "call park".  Each button contains two memories so a set of  codes can be programmed to enable and disable a function on the same button.  The buttons can also contain text which is displayed when the button is pressed.  See example memory card here.

* Models Savi 8200, Savi 7200, CS510, CS520, CS530, CS540, Savi W710, W720, W730, W740 and previous models CS60, CS70N, CS351N, CS361N, 510S, Savi WO100, WO101, WO200, WO300, WO350, WO430 & WO440
Warranty:  Ten (10) Year parts and labour
Colours Available:  Black

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User Guide

Product Sheet

IQ750EHS Plantronics CS500 Headset Install Guide

Customnet Programming User Guide Addendum

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