Automatic Announce Device 1

Analogue/PSTN  port connection
Announce legal, Business hours, Number change
Hang up, Re-ring number

Automatic Announce Device 2

5 Call Answer Modes
Hold + Dial Number
Customer DTMF Detect ie none, 1-9 for different options

Easy Transfer

Transfer between 2 phones on one line
Auto recovery if transfer fails
Works on Telstra home line

PA Switch 1

Access your PA from any extension
Analogue Connection
Easy Plug-in Installation

PA Switch 2

Can identify standard AU hang up tones
Can define time out period for hang
Ideal for remote sites

Ring Booster

Increase ring level on long lines
Adjustable ring cadence
Can output USA ring signal

Ring Indicator

Horn or Strobe for loud noisy environment
Can be configured to open door lock relay
2 Year Warranty


Telephone Line Monitor

Inform you if line is busy or cut
Connect to siren/ strobe
Relay can be set to open or closed state

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