Warranty and Returns

Warranty Coverage

The warranty period varies depending on the brand and model of the product.  Please contact Interquartz for confirmation of the coverage of your product, or consult the documentation supplied with the unit.

Warranty Claim and Non-Warranty Repair Procedure

1. Contact Interquartz to discuss the symptoms of the problem. Our staff can assist to determine whether the product is suspect or whether the problem may be elsewhere in the network.

2. If recommended by Interquartz, return the suspect unit to the Interquartz delivery point below, enclosing in your package the following:

a) Proof of purchase

b) Documentation to indicate your (or the end user’s) contact details (phone, fax and email) and return address.

c) A fault report to assist our technical staff to locate the fault or to help us to pay particular attention to the function or feature reportedly malfunctioning.

d) If required (eg. if the unit is not under warranty or has been damaged due to abuse) please include a request for a repair quotation in the package with the returned goods.

e) Any other relevant material to establish the warranty claim if applicable.

3. The repaired or replaced unit will be returned or made available for collection once the repair is complete. DOA warranty repairs returned within one week of purchase will be returned at the expense of Interquartz.

Return Delivery Address

Service Division
Interquartz (A’Asia) Pty Ltd
25 Northgate Drive
Thomastown VIC 3074

Telephone: (03) 9464 3333
Fax: (03) 9464 3466

Products suffering from Radio Interference due to close proximity to radio or TV transmitters can be modified at the discretion of Interquartz.

Workshop Service Fees
For all repairs excluded from the warranty provisions a service fee, plus the cost of parts or materials, will apply. Bulk repair prices are negotiable.

Repair quotations can be arranged upon request and do not attract any extra charge for the quotation service.

Note: No undertaking is given or implied to automatically provide replacement units as a result of warranty claims (we may prefer to repair the returned unit) and Interquartz reserves the right at all times to determine all matters related to warranty claims within the scope of the stated Terms of Warranty.

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